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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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to prepare at the inauguration. will top acts commit to play at his big day? let's start with surprising comments by the president-elect and msnbc's mika brzezinski about a dangerous topic, nuclear proliferation. >> the president-elect told you what? >> let it be an arms race. we will outmatch them at every pass. >> and outlast them all. >> it's a back and forth between the president-elect and such and russian president vladimir putin amplified by the trump tweet. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. kelly o'donnell and nbc national security reporter ken delaney join me now. a holiday letter from the kremlin to president-elect trump about restoring cooperation and then a response from the president-elect saying very nice letter from vladimir putin. i hope both sides are able to
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live up to the thoughts. we do not have to travel an alternate path. this relationship i think it's fair to say is developing uniquely and quickly. >> it sure is, chris. there are mixed signals sent here. on one hand putin made strong comments at a news conference he gave about russia modernizing the nuclear forces and if there is an arms race it's not us starting it. then you have trump saying, hey, if there will be an arms race, let it be an arms race suggesting for the first time in decades he wants to expand the number of nuclear weapons. that seems like a provocative action to putin. but the letter suggests they are trying to get along. it's mixed signals. >> we heard from kellyanne conway about this and sean spicer this morning. >> he's saying we are going to expand our nuclear capability. >> not necessarily. he's saying we need to expand our nuclear readiness.
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>> we are not going to sit back and allow other countries to expand their nuclear capability with the u.s. just sitting idly by. this president will take action. >> it sounds, kelly, like two different points of view from two top people within the incoming administration. >> it does, chris. that adds to some of the confusion. they are top communicators. both will be in the white house. kellyanne conway from campaign manager to counselor to the next president. and sean spicer from a top strategist at the rnc to press secretary. this sort of reminds me of the question through the campaign season about how literally to take donald trump. on the stump, on the trail, on his thank you tour he talks about peace through strength echoing the reagan era saying he wants a strong military presence. when he uses a word on twitter like "expand" it sets off alarm bells because it suggests increasing the number of nuclear weapons in the u.s. arsenal, not
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just updating, modernizing or making more efficient which is what we are hearing from top advisers. it would not be so controversial to say you want the arsenal in top shape for the deterrent effect of that. what we've got now is sort of the explaining that we have seen go on when the president-elect uses twitter as a direct p.r. feed to the country, not having done a press conference yet. not really heeding the typical tradition of letting one president deal with foreign policy at a time. he's already stirring the pot with china, russia, and now, of course, on the issue of nuclear weapons. it's the kind of thing that is so unnerving to the foreign policy community because of the u.s. attempt to try to reduce the footprint of nuclear weapons around the world and the unknown factor of other nations and how they respond to the donald trump message. while putting people off balance a bit can be a way to gain the upper hand when it comes to nuclear weapons that's
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treacherous territory which is why this is so of interest and to some people very concerning. it is unclear what he means by this. but he's using the twitter method to touch on the issue and at the same time we see the relationsh relationship. >> i talked to the senator from delaware, democrat chris kuhns. not happy about trying to change foreign policy by using 140 characters. we haven't heard from republicans as somebody who spent so much time on the hill do you expect we will? >> we have not seen a flurry of releases or comments given the holiday but some of the typical strong voices on this. today you have john mccain with an op-ed that deals more with aleppo. when you read through it and it's critical of president
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obama's policies with respect to syria. but in it he talks about the dangers of trying to do counter terrorism with russia. putin's relationship with other top republicans. i'm thinking of marco rubio or a lindsey graham where they are much more open about being critical as well. i expect we'll hear more from them. >> ken, you mentioned when talk about nuclear proliferation, the press conference vladimir putin held which was to say the least wide-ranging. i think it went close to four hours long. i know you listened to it. what highlights or things did you note from it? >> well, putin made the point that russia is modernizing nuclear capabilities. he said as he said before that russian nuclear forces can
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penetrate missile defenses which highlights the idea that putin is concerned and views as a threat the u.s. policy of expanding missile defense in recent years. american policy administration to modernize the nuclear forces. so the russians are doing a lot of nuclear saber rattling. and trump's comments play right into that and feed into it. >> that's coming up this hour. kelly o'donnell, ken, thanks to you both. joining me now msnbc contribut contributor steve clemons, editor at large at the atlantic. let's start with the big picture with the tweets. he was siding with benjamin netanyahu on the u.n. resolution about settlements. now it is about expanding the nuclear arsenal. give us some perspective about how this gets viewed by allies as well as enemies overseas. >> well, either donald trump is a mad genius or he's not.
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he's trying to communicate via twitter in the way he ran the campaign and run global affairs the same way. my sense after traveling to asia and europe is that the doubt that our allies have in the united states has never been greater than it is now. with donald trump's daily tweet it's getting worse and worse. i think what happens in that situation is when allies no longer count on the united states to be with them in their tough times and they are making the assessment, their behavior changes. the way they play their bets, look at contingencies around the world changes in shifts. i think that process has already begun. it's very hard to take it back. it is exacerbated a great deal by donald trump. i think we see this scrambling after a tweet, as we saw with his advisers you showed on air a few minutes ago to provide scaffolding, explanations or rationalizations or
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reclarifications of what he's doing. that's among the people who are closest to him. imagine when you are layers away. it is very hard to know where donald trump is on some key issues. that translates as an inability to trust the united states. >> easy to say for a long time consistency has been a cornerstone of foreign policy success. having said that, let's look at nuclear proliferation in and of itself. we have a situation where since the cold war, nuclear arsenals have been reduced 80%. would there be a legitimate argument that you could hear some republicans making so expand that. >> i can't.
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barack obama set in place a $1 trillion modernization program with elements of the program that are controversial with progressives including cruise missile delivery and a renamed war head. none of it will undo the arrangements we have with the russians. to take on some of what was said, i don't believe vladimir putin's comments challenge those either. what donald trump tweeted would violate those agreements. we need to be careful of what with we read about. nothing he said was new. when you look at the question of nuclear parity, every president a'm aware of has looked at
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nuclear weapons as a necessary evil they couldn't get rid of. they are both a sign of strength and actually to go in and have them at the level we once had 30,000 nuclear war heads is in certain zones. donald trump once proposed japan thus far hasn't demonstrated to me he has a strategic facility with this concept. it is not like the bravado and i will beat the other guy situation you can do in a conventional space. >> we have only a short time left but the u.n. security council is now going to vote next hour on the draft resolution. obviously another issue where trump weighed in calling on the u.s. to veto the resolution and senior israeli officials told my
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colleagues this hour. what's going to happen in the next hour? >>. >> if it goes the way i feel it is a needle they are unable to move. in the past two years of the administration president obama was almost single mindedly focused on trying to bring forward a deal. they are outraged by some of the things they have seen happen inside israel since donald trump's election. they are sending a signal to israel to play ball and what the world expectation is but reminding donald trump that barack obama is still president of the united states. in away i think this was going away until donald trump overtly intervened and barack obama and
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john kerry are sending the signal we have time on the clock for this administration. >> now to breaking news from europe. the four-day man hasnunt is ove. italian authorities say 24-year-old anis amri was killed in a shoot out with police near milan. german authorities launched a europe-wide search for amri who ran his truck into a drouded christmas market. -- crowded. a video shows amri pledging allegiance to a terror group but he didn't refer to the attack. claudio, what are we learning about the shoot out and the end of amri's life. >> it all started as a routine check in the outskirts of the northern city of milan.
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two young policemen were trailing. they saw a man walking around the local train station there which seemed odd to them. it was suspicious enough for them to get out of the car and go to the suspect and say show us your i.d. he pulled out a .22 caliber, shot a policeman in the shoulder. the other fired back and shot him dead. later, of course, they found out this was amri. this was the man who plowed into a christmas market and has been there. police found train tickets to suggest he traveled from germany to france to a small town on the border with france. he took a train, then to turin, milan and to the outskirts of the northern italian city.
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at 3:00 in the morning was he waiting for someone? maybe giving him a safehouse and a safe passage. all questions that italian authorities will have to answer in the next few days. >> in germany, how are folks reacting to the news? >> christmas is in full effect here. this is the market amri plowed into monday night, a few days ago. before he was killed last night. there are lights and everything. everybody is trying to celebrate. there is no music because there is a solemn atmosphere. there are candles set up. flowers placed. little messages and devotional images from people. so there is an atmosphere of people trying to press on, grab christmas while they can amidst all of the mourning. they are going through the stages of grief from mourning now really to anger on the political level.
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germans are asking how is it that this man who was under surveillance for months known to german authorities who spent nearly four years in jail in italy and who had known associations with isis was not only allowed to evade capture, not only allowed to evade deportation but committed this terrorist attack and escaped into france. escaped from france into italy which is what authorities now believe he did by train. all without detection and all without being arrested. so just today, chancellor merkel who is facing so much criticism came out and said she'll launch a comprehensive review of the anti-terrorism procedures that the german law enforcement follows. so we can expect to hear more on it later. the criticism and the recriminations aren't just confined to germany. it is europe wide. as you remember just in the hours after the attack several of the far right more populist
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leaders in the netherlands, marine la pen in france and even nigel verage in britain came out to attack the open door policy that chancellor merkel announced. now they have turned on their heels and they are using the death of amri and his fleeing throughout europe to beat not only the immtion policy but the european union project itself. we have heard tweets from right wing populist leaders saying that the european union allowed for this man to not only just move from place to place, but to escape authorities for so long because of this open border agreement. back to you. >> matt bradley in berlin. claudio in rome. we have an update on amri. nbc news confirming that he was on the u.s. no-fly list. in fact, one official we spoke
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with is aware of contacts between amri and known isis members in europe and is investigating whether the attack could have been directed by isis rather than just inspired by their radical ideology. we'll keep you posted on that. coming up, even more breaking news overseas. a libyan flight hijacked and diverted to malta with 118 people on board. the passengers and crew say the hijacker is in custody after threatening to blow up the plane. the military is searching if craft. we'll tell you what they are finding next. and a special holiday message from the troops overseas. >> hi. i'm master sergeant bonnie davis deployed with the 386 air expedition wing in southwest asia. want to wish family and friends in boise, idaho, a merry christmas and a happy new year. go broncos! see you soon. love you. st
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stop. we are continuing to follow breaking news from malta where the prime minister spoke a short time ago about the hijacking of a libyan airliner that was forced to land there. >> after further negotiations, the hijackers agreed to free the remaining members of the crew and to surrender. they were asked to surrenderny weapons in their possession. they were found to be in possession of a hand grenade and a pistol. nevertheless, the armed forces of malta are conducting a full search on the aircraft and a second. >> the people on board were released unharmed. cal perry joins us with more. you have new information about this? >> the prime minister of malta saying now on twitter the weapons were replicas, fake. we wondered about this.
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it seemed like a bluff. we know this area of libya where the plane originated from is a security mess. there is a void there. there is no government in libya that's functioning properly. >> how far is this from the actual terminal? >> three miles. the run way in the local airport where the plane originated from is three miles from the terminal. you can imagine the security nightmare there. libya has a history of violent incidents on planes. just in december two planes were shot at while on the runway in tripoli. this was a politically motivated act. pro gadhafi supporters. two want to be more involved in the political process in libya. i think they wanted out. >> are they just trying to send a message? what did they think they would accomplish with this? carrying fake weapons. >> they wanted to get out of libya. it was bizarre as the passengers came off the plane they were shaking hands of the hijackers who never took their cell phones. it doesn't appear the passengers were in danger.
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>> how long were they on the plane. >> you wonder what the issues were on board. >> they were upset with libya and things are out of control. the prime minister of the country was kidnapped. that's how bad it is. >> cal perry, thank you so much. vladimir putin using gop talking points in his year-end news conference today. as evidence mounts that russia hacked the u.s. presidential election, putin is telling democrats you lost. get over it. up next, we'll talk to a democrat. congressman karen bass and give her a chance to respond.
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of the democratic party saying he knew trump's victory was coming. >> translator: i think this is simply humiliating for themselves. one has to know how to lose decently. i would really love to have with the new president-elect and with future leaders of the democratic party business-like, constructive relations to benefit the united states, the russian federation, the peoples of both countries. joining me now karen bass of california and member of the house foreign affairs committee. good to see you. >> thank you. >> there is so much to get to. let's start with what we heard from vladimir putin pushing back on the claim he's to blame for the democrats' loss in the election. he said essentially you lost, get over it. that's his message to you democrats. what's your message to him? >> well, first of all, i don't
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think there is anybody that claims that the sole reason we lost the election was because of russian intervention which i do believe happened. it was a very complex election. i have another take on his comments. i think his comments were more about winning points and getting trump excited. to me, i saw it as a continuation of the bromance that the two have. i think they have done a profile, a psychological profile and trump and they know the more they compliment him, slam the democrats, that wins points with him. >> they went back and forth this morning, the president and vladimir putin sending a letter, a holiday greeting. happy new year, merry christmas to donald trump. >> yes. >> the transition team made it public. putin said after trump becomes president he hopes the u.s. and russia will take steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation in different areas as well as bring
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our level of collaboration on the international scene to a qualitatively new level. are there areas where you think it could be a qualitatively new level? >> i certainly hope that we have a good relationship with russia. what i think is more important than that is the way putin is playing the president-elect. i think he's playing to all of his weaknesses which we have had a year and a half to experience that if you compliment trump, hoe goes along with you no matter what. they are going to play with trump. what's going to happen to the bromance when putin decides to invade another country? what's going to happen? he's just playing him. i think it's embarrassing and that trump has fallen for it hook, line and sinker and our intelligence agencies keep telling him this. he said during and since the campaign he knows more than the intelligence agencies. i really saw this as way more
10:30 am
about trump than about the democrats. >> let me ask you about the back and forth about a serious issue which is the nuclear arms race. >> right. >> the tweet first by donald trump where he seemed to suggest clearly that he was going to escalate things. in fact, he spoke by phone this morning with mika brzezinski who reports he said let it be an arms race adding we will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all. then you have the situation where you hear basically two different things from two members of the incoming administration about what he meant by that. what's your reaction to all of this? >> well, you know, think it shows his erratic behavior. it shows that he still has not gotten a grasp as to the seriousness of the presidency. and that his comments have international repercussions. i feel sorry for his staff. every time he tweets they have to spend the rest of the day
10:31 am
trying to back pedal, change and say we know these are his words. >> you also know then they will say he's done this before when he talked tough. it's been successful for him. >> it's been successful for him maybe in business and maybe in the selection but we all need to fasten our seat belts because we are getting ready to go on a roller coaster we have never seen in history before. at some point in time he has got to come to grips with the power of the presidency, the seriousness of the presidency. his need to study, his need to take intelligence seriously before we really do have a very serious international incident. look what happened with china. you know, he had the phone call with taiwan. china seized our drone. what's getting ready to happen on the international front with his irresponsible behavior? >> representative karen bass, thank you very much. happy holidays. >> same to you. >> up next, much more on
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president-elect donald trump going nuclear on twitter, calling for expansion of the u.s. nuclear program. are his tweets threatening global stability? with four weeks before the inauguration is he making too many calls on world affairs too soon? the washington post's dana millbank joins us next.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely.
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i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. 35 past the hour. welcome back. here are some of the stories we are watching this hour. the tunisian man suspected of driving a truck into a crowded christmas market in berlin is dead. italian authorities say anis amri was killed during a shootout with police in milan. german authorities launched a manhunt for amri after an attack killing 12 and injuring dozens of others. now an isis news agency has a video showing amri pledging allegiance to the group. the u.n. security council is expected to vote next hour on a resolution demanding an end to israeli settlements. the vote was scheduled to take place yesterday but was delayed.
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the u.s. has not said how it will vote but president-elect donald trump and benjamin netanyahu are pushing the obama administration to veto it. a winter storm complicating holiday travel plans for people in the western half of the u.s. winter storm watches and warnings are in place from california to minnesota. forecasters say mountainous areas could get up to two feet of snow over the next couple of days. we are also watching the reaction to president-elect trump's potentially game changing comments on nuclear weapons. it all started yesterday when he tweeted, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. his aides said there will be no arms race. he's just sending a message. trump told mika brzezinski, quote, let it be an arms race because we will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all. sean spicer was asked to address
10:37 am
that. >> we are not going to sit back as a country and allow other countries to expand their nuclear capability with the u.s. just sitting idly by. they will come to their senses and we'll all be fine. >> dana millbank, you wrote about this earlier this week. here you have trump and his tweets and should they be taken literally? on monday we should take the words symbolically and we have heard it a couple of times from different people. now today his future press secretary rehashing that when he talked about nuclear arms. >> we have been warned through the election not to take him literally. do you remember that? that we in the media took him too literally.
10:38 am
when are we supposed to take him literally? >> i don't agree. you should take him literally. >> every tweet he sends out we should take those words literally? >> sure. >> every phrase? >> that was a private conversation. i wasn't privy to that. >> okay. >> the point being he's somebody who gets things done. >> you are telling us from now on with u.s. press secretary -- >> it goes on in that vein. do we take his tweets literally and what does it say about the potential for a nuclear arms race? >> sounds like sean spicer, all of one day into the new gig needs combat pay if this is what's going on. it is an extraordinary thing. it wouldn't be surprising for the president-elect to be bickering with democrats or even bickering with fellow republicans. he's bickering with members of his own staff who seem genuinely confused about what the president-elect was doing. i had written about this. we are seeing this sort of thing over and over again. they are at a loss to explain
10:39 am
what's going on. obviously the world hopes that what's really going on is what his aides are saying and not a dramatic change of tossing away four decades of u.s. policy just as earlier tweets suggested a dramatic change to policy in the middle east, policy towards china. the problem is nobody knows including aides what's going on. is he trying to make the world think that he's predictable and unstable. >> you have an interesting side question. we were talking about sean spicer. donald trump is going golfing with tiger woods. spicer has had comments about the whole idea of this and vacations. i want to play it. >> look. i will tell you this. he will never take a vacation.
10:40 am
you look at what -- he can't sit still. he is so eager to get things done there is never an idle moment. there is not going to be the word vacation. it will not exist in a trump administration. >> this is where i was going. president-elect the set to golf with tiger woods today. will he follow through with the plans in the wake of the tense situations around the world? because we know president obama has been criticized. you had all of the terrist attacks ts week. president obama is golfing in hawaii. what does donald trump have to say about it? >> there is a difference. he's not president yet. >> we go through this, as you know, every single time a president goes on vacation and something is going on in the world. the truth is something is almost always going on in the world. >> correct. >> i assume we take from that that donald trump for the next four years at least will never play golf. >> good luck with that. we all know the president of the united states is never really on
10:41 am
vacation. the equipment of the white house, the communications, advisers, everything that comes with the president wherever he s. it looks to the world as if he's vacationing and he can claim, well, no, i'm not. just as george w. bush would say clearing brush in texas. he was working, too. president obama surely working in hawaii. trump made such a big deal that he would never take a vacation and the optics look strange. >> i don't meet many people that don't think there is a little bit of pressure associated with being the president of the united states and they deserve to have a change of scene now and then. >> if we had a president who never took a break we should be alarmed. >> thank you, my friend. >> thank you very much. coming up, more on the shootout that left the berlin terror suspect dead. how was he able to pass through
10:42 am
at least two european borders and evade police since monday? another holiday message from troops overseas. >> hi. this is lieutenant colonel gary mar low from idaho currently deployed to the middle east. want to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy holidays, especially shoutout to jewel, olivia, amelia, grant and eliza. see you soon.
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back to breaking news out of europe. the end of a massive manhunt for the tunisian man suspected of carrying out monday's truck attack in berlin. italian authorities say 24-year-old anis amri was killed during a shootout with police officers in milan. german police say he drove a truck into a crowded christmas market, killing 12 and injuring dozens more. also today an isis affiliated news agency released a video showing him pledging allegiance to the group. he didn't refer to the berlin attack. this incident raises questions about europe's open
10:46 am
borders and how germany deals with terror suspects. justice correspondent pete williams joins us from washington with more on. how to prevent this from happening and to figure that out you have to find out how he was able to evade authorities for nearly five days. he was the most wanted man in europe. >> back to the isis video for a moment. there is a question about it was known he was in touch with isis. what was the nature of the communication? were they simply like-minded individuals that they decided to do it and was sharing his thoughts or was this more of isis directed model where they sought him out and encouraged him to do this and helped him. that's a big question. another big question is did he have other help in coming up with the plan and in getting out of germany. all of those are to be determined. as they trace his exact movements. in terms of movements around europe after he left germany to
10:47 am
france and france to italy where he was killed, the question has arisen about how he was able to cross two international borders. but the fact is traveling around europe now is extremely easy. ever since 1995 under a treaty that several countries, about 22 of them have, it's possible to travel. you don't have document checks, especially if you are taking the train. you get on the train in one country, off in another. you don't have to show a passport to buy a ticket, chris. >> pete williams in washington, thank you so much. appreciate it. meantime the trump inauguration team is struggling to find a-list celebrities willing to take the stage in d.c. a month before inauguration day. so the question is can they get any big stars to shine for the new president? we'll have that next.
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the clock is ticking just over 24 hours left to finish your holiday shopping.
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all procrastinators out there, braise yourself for last minute gifts. a brave woman that you are in new york, how are the crowds there. >> reporter: hi there, chris, merry christmas to you. the crowds are pretty decent. it has not been that way throughout the season. this is it. you are running out of time if you need to check out items on our list. while a lot of americans have been shopping online, this holiday season, you are running o ut of time if you are not completely out of it to get those items in time for christmas. unless you are ready to pay a lot of money. some people are filling in those last minute items. we also see a lot of men that wait until the last minute to do their shopping. >> heading to the jewelry stores? >> reporter: definitely.
10:52 am
especially today the men. we have seen a lot of macy's bags and we see some fks are spending a lot of money on electronics which surprised me, i thought that was items they gotten earlier on in the year. online sales are up 11% so far, pretty strong. slice intelligence scans e-mail receipts say that at least through december 15th, amazon has taken 35% of online sales. >> thank you very much, merry christmas to you. president-elect trump secured the radio city rocket to perform at his inauguration. one of the rockets took to social media of disappointments. and e-mail response from the dancer union. it is not about politics and the dancers are expected to perform. that e-mail is not confirmed by nbc news. we are waiting for response of the trump transition team.
10:53 am
the rockettes, for it to b be -- it is always their choice. it is not just performers hedging of the appearance of the inauguration. political reports jimmy carter is the only former president who rsvp yes in the event so far. nbc reached out to president carter for confirmation of that. joining me now, it is good to see you. one of the latest things that the rock group kiss politely declined to per tomorroform and what trump tweeted last night. look at what they did for hillary, i want the people. so i guess the question is, is anybody going to show up. any of these a-listers? >> probably not.
10:54 am
he had the rockettes and that's a controversial because some did not want to perform. kiss said they are not performing because they'll be in europe. ellington jo elton john says he won't perform and so at this point, you wonder in kanye is going to be the big performer since they met. >> people serving patriotic duties that this is a mandated event. i wonder if anybody is going to take it that way. >> well, that's interesting and the rockettes e-mailed tha that -- we performed in 2001 of the inauguration and 2005. this is part of your american duty. some people are saying it is coming out of party lines that's why celebrities don't want to perform. george h.w. bush's second
10:55 am
inauguration, he had rickie martin and destiny child. we are not going to jump shift to trump because he won. so it comes down to the line of morals and values. sean spicer was asked about this. >> he does not need celebrities. people are coming to see him. he's the celebrity. >> it is his movement that people are coming to. >> and i mean, look, this is somebody who had unbelievable crowd throughout the campaign. he said to supporters, i want to set the record to have more people coming to my inauguration than before, maybe he's right about that. >> maybe he's right or maybe he's saying that because celebrities won't come. if you look at the dnc and the rnc, hillary had a lot of big names. she did not get elected. she got the popular vote. trump had antonio jr. he's
10:56 am
trying hard to get them there. he said he would be happy to perform "highway to hell." >> thank you very much, happy holidays. >> thank you, happy holidays. a couple of minutes from now, the un security council scheduled to vote on the resolution. this is the resolution that donald trump says u.s. should veto and the vote he helps get delayed until today. stay with us. which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles, and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad.
10:57 am
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ecw gnnaanthasgh h une in d aroure w bueda m une in d ifbe ow y geee onldbeulmir ch
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♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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breaking news, the suspect in germany's christmas murder attack. the shoot out that ended in a global manhunt and how he slips through the crack until it is too late. scare in the air, hijacked by attackers claiming to be armed with grenades. how tense moment on the tarmac ended with everyone getting on the jet safely. breaking news right now at the united nation. a security count on a resolution demanding to an end to israeli settlement in the west bank. a lot of stuff, there is a new question for world leaders today. this morning, president-elect trump doubled down on this tweet, thursday, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand their capabilities until such time as the worldcom to i worldcom -- world comes to its


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